G.E.T.T Gold is pleased to announce that with its exclusive and patented thermal fragmentation mining method the company will soon be in a position of offering a suite of services to mining compagnies. The implementation of the technology at any given mine site will allow clients to take full benefit of its advantages, while leaving G.E.T.T to take care of the details and ensuring optimal performance of the equipment.

The service offerings are customised to fit the specific needs of the client. Inquiries are welcome and rest assured that the team will provide the best implementation plan and strategy for surface or underground conditions.

Thermal Fragmentation Services Offered

The company offers unique services to extract ore and/or make openings in the rock. Services are offered world-wide, and the thermal units can precisely perform various and well targeted rock fragmentation operations. Thermal fragmentation is the only

economical method that allows for the extraction of mineralized zones near surface and underground within low tonnage of medium to high grade precious/base metal veins.

The technology offers the following benefits: substantial cost reductions, increased productivity, significant reduction in dilution, marked reduction in the use of explosives, fewer accidents and physically less challenging.

The thermal units improve surface exploration efficiency and results by:

– Producing targeted exploration sampling
– Producing specific and diversified bulk sampling with very limited environmental impact

The thermal units replace and/or improve these underground extraction methods:

– Room and Pillar method (flat or reef)

– Small/Long Hole method

The versatility of thermal units allows it to become a valuable tool for:

– Vibration blasting control
– Perimeter blasting and stress reduction

GETT Gold Presence Map

By using our exclusive and patented Thermal Method, we accurately and economically extract ore for our customers.

Patents In 10 Countries

Our service offering is designed to extract mineralized zones with minimal dilution and can be tailored to meet our customer’s specific needs.

We are currently working on distributorships and service contracts for mining companies in: