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Why Invest In Gett Gold?

Thermal Fragmentation

  1. Exclusive, patented and unique mining method solution designed to economically extract high grade precious/base metal vein deposits. Complimentary to or a perfect replacement for conventional mining methods.
  2. Finally a solution that solves some of the challenges the mining industry is facing by allowing it to; renew reserves, reduce costs, increase productivity, significantly reduce environmental impacts, increase social acceptability, reduce risk and improve working conditions for the miners.
  3. Massive reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and significantly decreases the footprint of the mining industry in the environment
  4. Throughout the world, uneconomical mines can now be brought back into production.

Mining Services & Gold Production

  1. Mining Rights in sections of Rocmec 1 Gold Property.
  2. New mining services offered that’s unseen anywhere in the industry.
  3. Great potential in property acquisitions and development for fast & efficient gold production.
  4. Unlimited potential of growing our client base for Reverse Net Streaming Royalty with limited risks.


  1. The company aims to become an intermediate gold producer with production costs among the lowest in the world while reducing the impact on the environment to a minimum . Only our technology can significantly reduce production costs and dilution in the exploitation of high-grade precious metal deposits.
  2. Combined with our current and future partnership around the world, our goal is to become a very profitable multinational in the mining equipment industry. This market represents tens of millions of dollars in revenue per year.
  3. Benefit from the challenging market conditions by acquiring deposits that are currently uneconomical with conventional mining methods and bring them into production using our thermal method.
  4. Expand the use of the thermal fragmentation to the construction industry. This is a huge and extremely profitable market.
  5. The Thermal Fragmentation mining method will appeal to all environmentalists, investors, companies, governments, union, employees and citizens.