Green Extraction
Thermal Technology

Thermal Technology that provides a reduction in mining dilution resulting in less volume, higher grades and more ounces. Subscribe to our investor newsletter to get all the latest news & developments straight to your inbox.

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About G.E.T.T GOLD as a company

Our exclusive Green Extraction Thermal Technology, Extract’Ore (E.T), is a patented mining method that uses thermal energy TO EXTRACT MINERALIZED ORE more sustainably than traditional mining METHODS. The technology decreases the environmental footprint, increases profitability and significantly reduces down time and environmental impacts during EXTRACTION operations.

An extraction process with multiple benefits that solve the challenges of today.

SAFETY. No explosive damage to surrounding rocks, blast cracks disturbing hang-wall and related FOG safety issues.

EFFICIENCY. Less ore to be moved UG and less crushing, Significant reduction in dilution translates into many advantages such as, smaller drifts, hoists, etc.

GRADE. Our Technology ensures less dilution and Precision extraction.

ECONOMICAL. The technology eliminates the need for blast re-entry times thus reducing the overall costs.

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